Save time on Auction Management

Auction4Store Dashboard

Simply Auction Management

eBay seller will manage FixedPrice item's title, description, payment, shipping, etc, and Auction4Store will reuse those data to list auctions to eBay. So eBay Seller won't take time to create or edit each Auction.

  • eBay Seller manages FixedPrice items
  • Auction will use same contents of FixedPrice items
  • No editor for Auctions

When eBay Seller modified FixedPrice item, Auction4Store will use new content for Auction

Schedule when to list an Auction

Upload Spreadsheet

Upload a spreadsheet that includes SKU, Price, Scheduled Time, that's it.

Open a sample spreadsheet, add your SKU, Listing Duration, Start Price, Scheduled Time, then create a group, upload this spreadsheet.

That's All you need to do.

Monitor your Auctions

Auction4Store Dashboard

A dashboard provides whole picture of your current Auction status

Auction Performance Report

Auction Performance Report

Weekly Performance Report

Sales Statistics

Multiple eBay Accounts

Email & PDF Reports

One Portal contains multiple eBay Accounts

Through one portal, you can manage all your eBay accounts

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